Galactic Dominion – Version 1.1.0 is Now Live!

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We’ve finally incremented the build to Version 1.1.0 with a brand new Steam logo.

Since 1.0 the game has come a long way and been patched 12 times. I want to take this opportunity to summarize all the changes that has gone in since 1.0.


  1. Focus on Unit Hotkey: If you have a Star, Star Fortress, or Fleet selected you can hit <Enter> by default to pan to it. If you hold the key it will follow the Unit. You can change this key in the Input Mapper.
  2. The Unit selection circle is now thicker and green for easier visibility.
  3. Fixed an issue where the Star Fortress HP was not showing in the battle info panel.
  4. Fixed and issue where in Turn Base Mode a Units destination Nav point was not positioned correctly.


  1. Game Speeds: x0.5, x1.0, x1.5, and x2.0.
  2. Research Game Settings: Randomized Effort Factor.
  3. Research Tree Zoom In/Out and Middle Mouse pan.
  4. Research In-Progress is now an different color.
  5. Fleets can now be Split while In Dock.
  6. Fleets will now move to an offset location if the dock is occupied/full.
  7. Fixed issue where the Objectives button disappears in Turn-Based Mode.


  • Implemented the Hotkeys and Input Mapping system.


  1. Zoom In to Mouse position.
  2. Tweak thresholds for Camera panning near the screen edges.
  3. Slider panel lock distribution ToolTip.


  1. Camera Pan sensitivity Option.
  2. Make Game Options more scalable for future updates.


  1. Research now has a small chance of a Scientist boost.
  2. Quick Play now has Extended Research setting.
  3. Options Menu now has Screen Edge Pan.
  4. Fix Star Spectral Type not showing the proper Star type.


  • Fix Achievements not unlocked for some players.


  1. Star Info ToolTip will now show up if you Mouse over a Star.
  2. ToolTips now show up slightly faster in general.
  3. Star Influence border is now highlighted in the Empire color.
  4. Game Style (Palette and Pattern) can now be changed from Options Menu.


  • Fix Chapter End Outro not showing up.


  • Remove the Pause Menu Transition Anim.


  • Balance Campaign Chapter 3.


  1. Unity Analytics is now disabled
  2. Added Big Font Mode for ToolTips


  1. Added the ability to change Star Names you own
  2. Star Names will now be shown while Zoomed Out if your Scanner Verbosity is set to at least Low (default value)


  • Initial Release.

Until next time! ːsteamhappyː


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