Quick Play Mode

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The Quick Play mode is designed so you can have a lot of replayability. These are the settings you can change:

  1. Galaxy Size
  2. Number of Stars
  3. Empire Race
  4. Opponents
  5. Difficulty
  6. Empire AI Assitance
  7. Total War
  8. Star Lanes
  9. Turn-Based Mode

[1][2] The first couple is pretty straightforward. You can customize the size of the galaxy and the number of Star systems in it. Essentially on large galaxies, the travel time will be longer if the density of the Stars are reduced. So a Huge Galaxy with only 5 Stars will take much longer to travel between compared to a Small Galaxy with 5 Stars.

[3] The Empire Race allows you to choose between 4 different races in the game. Each one will have a different bonus and penalty to resource or technology growth. I won’t spoil too much about the different races. Alternatively, you can select Random and have a race assigned to either yourself and/or the AI opponents.

[4] The Opponents can range from 1 to 3. Each can have its Aggression and Empire Race customized. Don’t be mislead by a Low AI Aggression. They will still attack and will attack early but what changes is the kinds of Missions they send their Fleets on. For example a High Aggression opponent will have a higher rate of attack Missions.

[5] The Difficulty modifier affects the bonuses applied to either the Player or the AI. On easier difficulties this bonus is applied to the player and on higher ones they’re applied to the AI. Normal difficulty is the minimum level needed to be able to unlock Steam Achievements.

The next few Settings are more unique to Galactic Dominion.

[6] If you’re finding the game too hard, or you simplify want to sit back and watch the AI play out a space epic you can enable Empire AI Assistance. This will essentially enable the AI for your Empire. The AI will help you on everything ranging from Star management (building Industry, Ships, and managing Workers), Fleet missions and movements, to Research selection. Generally, it will perform quite well but if you want to min-max your builds it you will have to take direct control. If you wish to disable the assistance once the game has started you can go into the Empire Control and uncheck the Mobile Empire Governors & Commanders box. Alternatively, you can disable individual Star Governor in the Star Control. We’ll go in controls more next time but please note that STeam Achievements are also disabled in this mode.

[7] Total War is something unique to Galactic Dominion. In the Empire Control there’s a Doomsday meter that builds up as the different player perform aggressive on one another.

As it fills up, it will change the behaviour of the AI and once it reaches 100%, Total War becomes available. You can trigger it yourself, or if you have the option enabled the AI may also trigger it. It will essentially force the AI Assistance to be enabled but it does not disable Steam Achievements and it has bonuses and penalties applied to all players. You can think of it as the end game where the entire galaxy is so focused on the war effort that things like population growth and defense becomes secondary.

[8] You can enable and disable Star Lanes in Galactic Dominion. Star Lanes you easier to defend choke points but if you want to play without them it’s an option. When this is disabled, any Free Space (that is, the area of space outside of any Star influence) will put your Fleets into warp speed. This is to prevent games without Star Lanes to be slow.

[9] Finally, you have the option to enable Turn-Based Mode. The game will start paused and you’re turn will pass every time you unpause. This mode will lock in your commands only every game Day which is equivalent to 10 seconds of game time. When you unpause it will process 10 seconds of the game in fast forward speed. Please note, it is note a classical turn base where each player moves one another another. It is a simultaneous turn-based mode where upon starting it will move everyone at once. This mode will change the experience drastically.

I hope with these Quick Play settings you will be able to find lots of replayability to the game – whether it’s for a quick fix or for a longer campaign like scenario.

Next time, I will go over the User Interface and Controls for the game. It’s something that has caused confusion to some players so I want to cover it in details and what we’re working on currently to improve the first time user experience.

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