The Galactic Campaign

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Today, I want to go over the design of the Campaign.

Without spoiling the story too much, the campaign will take place in the not so distant future where Humans have started their colonization of deep space. Along the way, the Commander of the frontier (you the player) will be thrown into many unexpected twists and turns forcing you to stay on your toes and act quickly to keep the Human Dominion alive.

The campaign will span 9 Chapters. Each Chapter will consist of very specific and differentobjectives that will have to be completed to continue. The difficulty of each Chapter varies greatly and this is marked by the stars in the Campaign menu.

Here’s a sneak peak – with the first introduction Chapter unlocked:

In order to increase replayability and to ensure that no two playthroughs will be exactly the same – most of the maps in the Chapters will be randomly generated based on Chapter settings.

And to make things more challenging (or potentially easier), any research completed in one Chapter is carried forward throughout the campaign.

Finally, you can optionally play through the Campaign in simultaneous Turn-Based mode. Each turn is equivalent to 1 Day in-game, or 10 seconds in realtime and the experience and pacing will change drastically in this mode.

Here’s your trusty First Officer who will be with you along the Campaign:

Alright! That’s it for today – Next time I’ll discuss Quick Play mode and the different options you can change to make your games more interesting.

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