The Story Behind Galactic Dominon

Today, I want to share with you the history behind Galactic Dominion but first I’d like to thank everyone for the support and patience throughout these countless evenings and weekends. We finally made it!

So the game goes back to six years ago. At the time, it was a small pet project that I worked on to learn about mobile development. The scope was small and it took about 3 months to complete and release.

After that, the project was shelved for many years…until these past few years. It was time for a modern remake, technology has evolved dramatically making it much easier to focus on the content rather than the tool.

Or so I thought…

It was evident early on that porting the game over the Unity was not enough. The quality simply was not there. It lacked depth.

– You could not control your individual fleets.
– In fact, you didn’t really have fleets. Each Fleet icon was really just a single ship.
– Stars were also very 1 dimensional and acted mainly as nodes providing your empire with a global resource point that you would allocate to Research, Industry, or Population Growth.
– When it came to performing Research, it was a simple value that increased from +1 to +99 boost.
– The only way you could influence your empire was by setting foreign policies which will adjust the spawn rates of your ships.

Was it a bad game? Well, let’s just say the only fun part was watching the macro action of your empire unfold with a few button clicks.

For the remake, the scope grew and it grew quickly. It transformed from a modern port into a full re-imagination of the game.

New features quickly became part of the game:

– Fleets can now be controlled individually and consisted of many different ship types, Colony Ships to colonize new Stars, Transports to invade enemies
– Fighters, Bombers, and Battleships, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
– Star Fortresses could be built to defend and patrol your Stars.

– Stars also drastically grew in scope.
– You have planets with biomes that contributed to your population limits.
– Influence zones around your Star that affects ships warping through it.
– Your Stars have different industries which contributes to various resource generation
– You can queue different Ships to be built in your Drydock.
– You can control the workforce distribution on your Stars.

– Research was re-designed to have more meaningful technologies and a visual graph available for players to choose their topics.
– Empire Races was introduced to provide more diversity.
– Speaking of which, the Campaign had to be reset from scratch to make it work with the new mechanics.

– And then because of all this (and many more), the A.I. had to be completely re-written. They had to be able to colonize new Stars, build industries, and ships. Then find, bomb, transport troops, and attack enemy Stars.

Pretty soon, I found myself on a journey that took 2.5 years to complete. It gave me new appreciation for all the things needed in a game and I look forward to sharing more about this game with all of you.

Here’s a side-by-side screenshot with the old mobile game. Enjoy!

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